Cooler weather for New Year’s Eve; chance of rain this weekend

Santa's going to the beach to celebrate New Year's

Santa's going to the beach to celebrate New Year's
Santa’s going to the beach to celebrate New Year’s


  • Cooler weather for next couple of days
  • It will be back in the 70s by Saturday
  • There is a chance of rain Friday, Saturday and Sunday–highest chance on Sat. PM

Our sports guru Bradley Warren is going to the beach to celebrate the New Year–he asked me what the temperature would be like.

Well, unlike last week on Christmas Day, you probably won’t be cozy in short sleeves and shorts if you’re headed to the coast or just hanging out at home watching football bowl games.

It got up to about 65 degrees on Tuesday, but won’t be as warm on Wednesday. We’ll only get to about 60 degrees and then you can expect it to get pretty cold on Wednesday night, with lows around 38.

Thursday and Friday will be much like Tuesday was, with highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s, but the Magic Crystal Weather Ball says it will probably rain some this weekend, with the best chance of rain coming on Saturday, when it will actually be back up to 73 again (Sorry, all you White Christmas fans, we’re on a weird holiday weather seesaw right now in South Georgia.

Too much rain lately? (we got 8 inches during 48 hours last week) Kinda seemed that way, but the weather experts say it’s actually good for our area. 1) Helps the farmers’ fields 2) recharges the aquifers, these underground holding tanks of water we use for our drinking water supply.

Current Southwest Georgia Weather Radar:

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