Dowdy Crosses 500 Bushel Threshold in Corn Yield Contest

Randy Dowdy of Valdosta, Ga.
Randy Dowdy of Valdosta, Ga.
Randy Dowdy of Valdosta, Ga.

The National Corn Growers’ Association congratulates Randy Dowdy on being the first National Corn Yield Contest entrant to achieve a verified yield of more than 500 bushels per acre. With the 400 bushel per acre threshold crossed by only six entrants over the previous years, his accomplishment sets a new bar for years to come.

“While the contest does not award a single, national prize or have an overall winner, Dowdy’s accomplishment certainly deserves recognition,” said National Corn Yield Contest Manager Rachel Jungermann-Orf. “We congratulate him on this accomplishment and look forward to seeing further innovation from contest participants over the years to come.”

The National Corn Yield Contest is now in its 50th year and remains NCGA’s most popular program for members. Participation in the contest remained strong in 2014 with 8,129 entries received.

“While this contest provides individual growers a chance for good-natured competition with their peers, it also advances farming as a whole,” said Don Glenn, chairman of NCGA’s Production and Stewardship Action Team. “The techniques and practices contest winners develop provide the basis for widely used advances that help farmers across the country excel in a variety of situations, including drought. This contest highlights how innovation, from both growers and technology providers, allows us to meet the growing demand for food, feed, fuel and fiber.”

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