Southern Football Report: Championship Week Superlatives

There weren’t as many games this week as there were on regular college football weeks but there was definitely more on the line as there were conference championships on the line for many teams in conference championship games and a couple teams who were playing for championships in their final games of their season. I think this past weekend has proven that having a conference championship game is the way to go and if you don’t have one that the final regular season game, regardless of its significance, won’t matter as much.

MVP – Derrick Henry – RB – Alabama – I was in a discussion about the SEC Championship this past Sunday and when we began talking about Alabama runningback Derrick Henry Derrick Henry and my comment was ‘that guy is a dump truck’. Henry is 6’3″ & 250 pound piece of farm equipment who just so happens to run faster than most defensive backs in the country and it was on full display as Missouri had no answer for the sophomore. Henry finished the game with 20 carries, 141 rushing yards and two touchdowns, both of which were in the 4th quarter as the Crimson Tide were trying to put the Tigers away. Henry isn’t the starting pitcher in the backfield but he is definitely the best closer in America.

Coach of the Week – Mark Helfrich – Oregon – Many wondered if Mark Helfrich was the right choice to replace Chip Kelly after last season & he really needed a good showing in Mark Helfrichthe Pac-12 Championship Game against the team responsible for the Ducks’ only loss of the season. When halftime rolled around and the Ducks held a commanding 23-0 lead, most of those questions were answered and in the second half, Oregon gave up a touchdown as time expired which gave Arizona a double digit score. The only touchdown that Oregon gave up was a 69 yard bomb on a broken coverage so the Ducks were one busted coverage and a tackle at the end of the game away from shutting out the 7th ranked team in the country on a national stage in a championship game. That team was ready to play and a lot of that credit goes to the head coach Mark Helfrich.

Game of the Week – SMU defeated Connecticut 27-20 – Believe it or not, one of theConnecticut Logo best games of the weekend was when the winless Mustangs took on the 2-win Huskies in a game that really, in the grand scheme of things, didn’t matter at all. There were about 300 people in the stands in the cold rain to watch the game but SMU Logo 2SMU held Connecticut scoreless in the 2nd half on their way to their first win of the season. The most comical moment came at the end when the Mustangs were attempting to close out the win and kept getting penalties on the ‘victory’ formation. Three failed attempts eventually led SMU to just lining up to run a regular play instead. Connecticut held a 20-6 lead at halftime but proved to not be enough as the Mustangs found renewed vigor and found a way to win on the legs of sophomore runningback Prescott Line who finished the game with 90 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Coach Who Should Turn In The Company Car – Bob Stoops – Oklahoma – It’s been a rough season for ‘Big Game Bob’ who has all but lost the nickname that he earned Bob Stoopsearly in his head coaching career. Stoops in 12-9 against ranked teams outside of bowl games since 2010 and this season his Sooners began the year in the top five but finished the regular season 0-3 against ranked opponents in 2014. Saturday night the annual Bedlam Series landed in Norman as Stoops & his Sooners were looking for their 11th win over the rival Cowboys in the last 12 years. Oklahoma had a touchdown lead late in the game when ole Bob decided that it would be a good idea to punt to one of the most dangerous players in the country in Tyreek Hill who proceeded to take the ball at near light speed into the endzone to tie the game in the final minute. Oklahoma State would go on to win the game in overtime and all blame could be put on Stoops for that stupid decision.

Uniform of the Week – Boise State Broncos – There are so many things that I like about Boise State and when it comes to their uniforms, there are two things that I really enjoy. I really enjoy when they wear blue on blue and I equally love the helmet with the oversized Bronco logo on one side of the helmet. Boise State combined the two Saturday night in the Mountain West Championship Game and it proved to be a championship look.

Boise State All Blue Uniform

Dud Uniform of the Week – Marshall Thundering Herd – I usually like the Marshall uniform and have given kudos to them this season but when the uniform doesn’t go together, it’s tough to let it slide. The white pants with green trim that match the white helmet with green trim don’t go with the green jersey with black trim at all.

CUSA Football Championship - Louisiana Tech v Marshall

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