Three arrested after man reports being robbed Monday afternoon

Two adults and one juvenile male were arrested by Bainbridge Public Safety Monday afternoon and after a Bainbridge man reported being mugged on West Broughton Street.

A 60-year-old Bainbridge man called 911 at around 10:30 a.m. Monday morning to report that three males, one of whom he recognized, had pushed him down, jumped on him and took his money. When BPS officer Chris Avery arrived at 220 W. Broughton Street, where the 911 caller was standing, the officer noticed the complainant had moss and leaves in his hair and on his clothes.

The victim stated he had walked to First Port City Bank to cash his Social Security check, and a man he later identified as 18-year-old James Jenkins and 21-year-old Terry Leon Graham of 220 W. Broughton Street accompanied him inside the bank.

“The victim said he had bought a cell phone from James Jenkins last week but didn’t have the money to pay him at the time,” BPS Investigator Mark Esquivel said. “When they saw each other Monday, the victim said he would pay Jenkins after cashing his check.”

The three men returned to 220 W. Broughton Street, where the 60-year-old man took out his money and gave Jenkins a $10 bill for the phone.

According to the victim’s report to police, Jenkins reached into the older man’s pocket and took out all the cash. The victim asked Jenkins to give his money back, at which time Jenkins reportedly flipped through the money, picked out a few bills and returned them to the victim.

“The victim told Jenkins, ‘hey, give me all of my money back or I’ll call the police,’ at which time Jenkins threatened him,” Investigator Esquivel said.

According to the victim’s statement, Jenkins walked behind the residence at 220 W. Broughton St. and called for the older man to come to the back yard and then the money would be returned.

Instead, Graham and a juvenile allegedly pushed him down, one of them grabbed the victim by the neck and held him down while James Jenkins took the smaller amount of money from the victim’s pocket.

The victim stated he waited until the three youths left the scene and then got up to his feet and called 911.

Public Safety Officer Avery relayed the victim’s description of his assailants to other officers. Major Robert Humphrey and Captain Esquivel observed two men matching the description at a business on West Shotwell Street.

James Jenkins, 18, of 815 Albany Road, Bainbridge; Terry Leon Graham, 21, of 220 W. Broughton St., and a juvenile male were all arrested in connection with the victim’s report. All three are charged with robbery.

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