Bainbridge Middle School football team defeats Thomasville, 40-8

Bearcat_logoSpecial Thanks to Chip Ariail of Bainbridge Middle School for this game recap.

Bainbridge Middle School Eighth grade 40 Thomasville(McIntyre) 6 (Game #1-August 28)


B-  8-0   1st qtr.-7:44   Adrian Cooper 78 yard Kick Return (Opening KO) (QB Tristan Love run right side- 2pt.)

B-14-0   1st qtr.- 3:15   Love 55 yard run off of left end(2pt failed Love run up the middle failed). Key plays– Love 10 yard run and 55 yard run. Drive 2 plays 70 yards.

B-20-0   1st qtr.- 1:23   Love 40 yard run off of left end (2pt. failed Love pass to Wide Receiver Fred Thompson to the right complete, but short, 2pt. no good). Key Play: Thomasville short Punt. Drive 1 play 40 yards

B-26-0   2nd qtr.-1:32   Love 14 yard QB bootleg run off right end. (2pt failed Love pass intercepted in endzone).Key Plays: TE reverse to the left side by Fred Thompson for 43 yards from BMS 30 to the Tvlle 27. RB Ed Jones 13 yard run to Tvlle 14. 4 plays 72 yards.

T-26-6   3rd qtr.-1:55    Thomasville #6 (6’3 ) Wide Receiver 25 yard pass reception from QB #15 on a fade route to the right.(2pt. failed Thomasville FB #44 tackled a yard short of goal by End Roman Harrison, Linebackers Bowen Dodson and Ahmad Moody) Key Plays: Rollout pass on the right by Thomasville QB #15 on 3rd down. 23 yards reception to TE #89. 11 plays 63.

B-34-6   3rd qtr.-1:05   RB Ed Jones 2 yard run off right tackle. (Love run off of right side-2pt.)  Drive-6 plays 51 yards.

B-40-6   4th qtr.-3:33   FB Randy Fillingame 43 yard run off of Right guard.(2pt. failed-QB Alex Baker run Failed up the middle). Drive-5 play 59 yards.

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