Jaybird takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – he gets soaked!!

jaybird_ice_challengeJesus and Jammin’ morning show co-host Jay Palmer, aka “Jaybird,” took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Tuesday.

In the clip below, Jay gets SOAKED with ice water poured by Kevin and Dustin Dowdy, who took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Monday. However, Jaybird forgot to challenge three people to have ice water poured on them, so we had to do it again! (That video to be uploaded later on Tuesday).

That’s right–Jaybird is so full of hot air that we had to drench him with ice water TWICE!! That’s some serious support for ALS research right there, Jay!!



You can see Dustin and Kevin take the Ice Bucket Challenge, or learn more about ALS / Lou Gehrig’s disease and donate online.

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