Bainbridge Public Safety responds to kitchen fire on Louise Street


Bainbridge Public Safety officers responded to a kitchen fire at 402 Louise Street at approximately 2 p.m. on Tuesday, July 29.

The residents were home when the fire started in the rear of the home, BPS Director Eric Miller said. Firefighters removed some of the kitchen cabinets and other items from the kitchen to keep the fire from spreading, at the same time spraying water to put the fire out.

The home where the fire broke out was only a block or so away from Bainbridge Public Safety headquarters, so firefighters didn’t have far to go.

Chief Miller said fighting fires in the heat of the day was taxing, and several of the officers could be seen drinking bottled water that is kept on the fire trucks, after the fire was put out.

One of the fire trucks BPS officers took to the scene, pictured below, is a new rescue fire truck that BPS has had since December 2013. In addition to having fire hoses, the rescue truck has equipment for dealing with other emergencies such as vehicle accidents.

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