Bainbridge Mayor: 5 Things to Remember about the proposed millage rate increase

On Thursday, July 24, Bainbridge Mayor Edward Reynolds was our guest on the Jesus & Jammin’ morning show, broadcast on all 5 of our Flint Media radio stations. Reynolds talked about the City of Bainbridge’s proposed millage rate increase and related topics. The following is material from a handout he gave us, that we are posting for your information.

1. Revenues have been flat since 2008. Projected sales tax revenue budgeted FY2012-13 – $2,104,960. Actual received $1,733,823 – Difference of $371,137. This year’s projected sales tax revenue budgeted FY 2013-14 is $1,836,000 a significant reduction from previous year’s projections. However, it appears that the At Year End number received will be $1,671,000. Difference of $165,000. This is a continuing trend.

2. In reacting to the downward trend, since 2008, the City of Bainbridge has reduced the number of positions by 40 people. The current staffing level, at 145, is the level that needs to be maintained in order to adequate deliver desired services to our citizens.

3. The city’s Public Services and Leisure Services divisions have not budgeted nor purchased any major capital expenditures to buy needed equipment in four years. The current equipment has been maintained and repaired rather than buying new equipment. However, after years of maintenance, some equipment must be replaced rather than exceeding the original purchase cost.

4. In addition to operating and providing the same services with 40 less employees, the remaining employees have not received a pay increase in three years. The total “personnel cost,” which includes salary and benefits, in 2008 was $8,010,708. Last year’s cost was $8,668,430. The difference of $657,722 in total payroll cost comes even with the reduction in workforce.

5. Since 2008, the City’s portion of healthcare costs was 29 percent of the total payroll costs. In 2013, it jumped to 45 percent. This is the major factor in total payroll cost and has been incurred by the City of Bainbridge.

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