First National Bank of Decatur County and Bainbridge Bancshares, Inc. Announce Retiring Directors and Election of New Directors

First National Bank of Decatur County
First National Bank of Decatur County
First National Bank of Decatur County

May 23, 2014 – (Bainbridge GA – First National Bank of Decatur County (FNBDC) and its holding

company, Bainbridge Bancshares, Inc., recently announced the retirement of five long-serving

directors and the election of new directors. Chairman of the Board Charles Whittaker thanked the

five retiring original directors Vance Custer, Ronnie Cox, Don Kirksey, Dewey Robinson and

Ralph Smith, for their many years of faithful service as well as the enthusiasm, leadership and

dedication with which they served as founding directors and organizers of both the bank and its

parent company.


“This group of individuals deserves much of the credit for the success of our bank

and they were instrumental contributors to its success and growth,” said Charles Whittaker. “We

will be forever grateful for their valuable insight and contributions to our Company and Bank.”

Vance Custer, in addition to helping organize the Company and Bank, served as Director of both

FNBDC and Bainbridge Bancshares and was Chairman of the Finance and Investment Committee

until his retirement in 2013.


Ronnie Cox was active in organizing and opening the Bank. He has been a board member since the

bank’s inception and has served on the Finance and Investment Committee for the last 10 years.

Don Kirksey was one of the original organizers and founders of the Company and the Bank. He has

been a member of the Audit Committee and Finance and Investment Committee since joining the

board in 2003.


Dewey Robinson was instrumental in the founding of the Company and the Bank. He has served on

the Loan Committee and the Executive Committee since the bank opened in 2004.

Ralph Smith was also one of our original Bank and Company organizers. He has been the

Chairman of the Audit Committee since its formation.


Chairman Whittaker is also pleased to announce Greg Calhoun, Richard F. “Dick” Ivey, Dr. Landin

Marzolf and Edgar M. Robinson have been elected new directors of First National Bank of Decatur



Phillip G. Calhoun is the President of Circle C Farms, Inc., a commercial farm and cattle ranch

located in Colquitt, Georgia, where he has worked since 1984. In addition, Mr. Calhoun is the

sole owner and President of GC Sprayer Service, Inc., a crop dusting operation, and GC Housing

Inc., a housing company which specializes in providing housing for migrant workers, both located

in Colquitt, Georgia. Mr. Calhoun is also the owner of GC Peanut Co. LLC, a buying point in

Donalsonville, Georgia.


Dick Ivey
Dick Ivey

Richard F. “Dick” Ivey is a partner and manager of Ivey Funeral Home. He

serves as Treasurer for First United Methodist Church and the Salvation

Army. He also serves as a Director of Danimer Scientific and Meredian

Bioplastics. He is President-Elect of the Georgia Funeral Directors

Association and represents Georgia on the policy board of the National

Funeral Directors Association.


Landin Marzolf
Landin Marzolf

Dr. Landin Marzolf is the Owner of Care Chiropractic. Landin received his

Doctorate of Chiropractic from Sherman Chiropractic College in Spartanburg,

South Carolina and a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Auburn

University. He is an active member of the Bainbridge-Decatur County

Chamber of Commerce.


Edgar Robinson
Edgar Robinson

Edgar M. Robinson is the Executive Vice President and Operations Manager

for Peoples Loan Service, Inc. He is a Past President and Director of the

Cairo Rotary Club. He also co-chairs the fundraising group for the Friendship

House in Bainbridge.


They will all also serve as Directors of Bainbridge Bancshares, Inc.

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