Vivian Childs seeks Congressional seat

Vivian Childs
Vivian Childs
Vivian Childs

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Vivian Childs, candidate for Georgia’s 2nd congressional district, is a proud southern peach. A native of Georgia, she has traveled the world first as the daughter of a military family and then the wife of one. Vivian proudly declares that there is no place like home, Georgia.

Vivian is active in her community as a former educator who sits on many community boards. As an educator she served as a principal, a teacher, and an athletic director. Vivian serves as a minister along with her husband, Reverend Henry Childs, who is a retired colonel. They are the parents of three adult children and nine remarkable grandchildren.

Vivian has a long history of serving the people of Georgia. While serving as a Congressional district chairman for the Georgia GOP, Vivian oversaw a district of 23 counties. Vivian has volunteered in the 2nd District and has heard firsthand the needs of her neighbors living in the 2nd District. She had the distinct honor of serving as a Delegate Surrogate at the 2012 Republican National Convention and delivered the first motion from the floor during the convention. She served as the Charter President of the Middle Georgia Republican Women. She has also served on the boards of the Georgia Federation and the National Federation of Republican Women.

Ms Childs knows that “Every Voice Matters.” The candidate feels that she has been called to this position for a few reasons: to restore our military to its greatness; to limit government where it is not needed, and to create opportunities for jobs. The candidate sees improving schools, maintaining military facilities, and farming and agriculture is of the foremost significance in this campaign. The following serves as the building blocks that Ms. Childs vows to use when serving the 2nd district constituents in Washington.


I Believe


I believe that the second amendment is constitutional and therefore must be protected.

I believe that every human life is sacred.

I believe that we need a less complicated and more fair tax system.

I believe in limited government, which implies that the best government is the one which governs the least; I believe in lower taxes, allowing individuals to keep more of the money they earn; I believe in a strong national defense which protects its citizens and their independence.

I believe that every child deserves a quality education free from bureaucracy and red tape.  Teachers should be allowed to teach based on the students’ needs, not arbitrary rules and policies set by those who are not in the classroom or in an educational setting.

I believe we need a healthcare system that is accessible and affordable to everyone.  We need a healthcare system that is run by healthcare professionals who are licensed and trained to save lives.   –Vivian Childs


Interested persons may contact Vivian at (478) 953-9767 or by emailing. Her website is Her facebook page is Vivian Childs for Congress.


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