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Decatur County commissioners are holding a special called meeting Monday night, May 19, at 6 p.m., at the County Administration Building, 203 W. Broughton Street, Bainbridge. The only listed agenda item is “Consideration of EMS Proposal.”

At their meeting last Tuesday, May 13, Decatur County commissioners tabled a decision on whether or not they will turn over operation of the county’s Emergency Medical Services department to a private ambulance service. In addition, Decatur County commissioners have not yet indicated whether or not they will partner up with Seminole County GA commissioners on a joint, private EMS service that would cover both counties.

Last Tuesday, a subcommittee of Decatur County officials met with Seminole County officials on the latest private EMS proposals. Decatur County received proposals from the following private EMS companies:

  • Mid-Georgia of Macon (runs Mitchell County EMS among others)
  • Gold Star of Albany (has a Bainbridge substation but so far has only operated as a patient transport service between medical facilities)
  • EMS Grady (not to be confused with Grady County, GA; this company is actually a not-for-profit service associated with Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Ga.)

Here are the choices Decatur County commissioners are considering: County Commissioners – Privatized EMS (PDF)

Stay tuned to, we will report Decatur County commissioners’ decision or discussion after the meeting ends Monday.

Again, that meeting time is 6 p.m. Monday, 5/19/14 in the meeting room of the County Administration Building, 203 W. Bruoghton Street.


In the below video, the Grady EMS director answers Commissioner Butch Mosely’s questions about whether Grady EMS would negatively affect local medical facilities’ operation.

Grady EMS’ proposal to Decatur County commissioners on 5/13/14 (approximately 11 minutes):


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