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Decatur County Attorney Brown Moseley to resign

After returning from an executive session, Decatur County commissioners announced they had accepted a letter of resignation from County Attorney Brown Moseley. The resignation will become effective on Dec. 31, 2014. County Commission Chairman Frank Loeffler said Attorney Moseley agreed to stay on during the “transition period,” as three new county commissioners are scheduled to take office in… Read More »

Read the open records requests sent by the Bainbridge City Council and Decatur County commissioners

Several citizens have requested that the recent open records requests sent between the City of Bainbridge and Decatur County be posted online, therefore, we are posting them for you to read. Please note that the documents linked to below only contain the original requests sent between the two parties, and not the subsequent responses (which we were not… Read More »

Bainbridge Mayor: county commissioners not making effort to cooperate

At Tuesday’s Bainbridge City Council meeting, Mayor Edward Reynolds read aloud a statement responding to Monday’s open records request by Decatur County Attorney Brown Moseley. In the statement, Reynolds expressed disappointment that in his view, Decatur County officials “choose to dodge and weave instead of talking about city residents paying county taxes for services they aren’t receiving.” Mayor… Read More »

Decatur County to City of Bainbridge: we won’t leave you hanging

From an outsider’s view, it may appear that Decatur County commissioners and City of Bainbridge leaders are having another “failure to communicate,” although officials on both sides say they want to work with each other. You may remember in late August, when Bainbridge Mayor Edward Reynolds and Decatur County Board of Commissioners Chairman Frank Loeffler traded letters and eventually… Read More »

Breaking: Decatur County will pay for legal fees of three Sheriff’s deputies indicted by federal grand jury

Decatur County Sheriff Wiley Griffin said he will not ask Decatur County Commissioners to pay legal expenses for his son, Wiley Griffin IV, at this time. Speaking during the public participation portion of Tuesday night’s meeting, Sheriff Griffin said he was confident the four current and former Sheriff’s deputies indicted by a federal grand jury will be exonerated… Read More »

Decatur County Commissioners shorten contract renewals for administrator, attorney

On Tuesday morning, Decatur County Commissioners rescinded the contract renewals they had given to County Administrator Gary Breedlove and County Attorney Brown Moseley at their June 24 meeting. The original contract renewals were for a period of 18 months and the county attorney’s contained a $50,000 early severance payout. Due to criticism in local media, Moseley sent a… Read More »

Decatur County commissioners approve private EMS contract

On Tuesday night, Decatur County commissioners unanimously approved a contract with EMS Grady of Atlanta for the company to privately operate the county’s ambulance service. Decatur County will pay EMS Grady $250k annually beginning in September 2014 The contract term will be for 5 years; the contract can be renewed or modified or not at that time. The… Read More »

County commissioners: we need to work with better with city

Decatur County Commissioner Russell Smith, who called out county officials’ digging up of Bainbridge City Manager Chris Hobby’s  utility bills as a ‘personal attack,’ also said Tuesday night he believed relations between the county and city governments were actually better than they may seem. Before commenting on the need to work together, however, Smith had an impromptu question… Read More »

County commissioners disagree on swipe at Hobby

At the Decatur County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, April 22, Commissioner Russell Smith used his comment time at the end of the meeting to directly ask County Attorney Brown Moseley “Who directs the county attorney to make open records requests?’ The county attorney said he acts at the direction of county commissioners; Smith stated he was… Read More »