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Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Busts Motorcycle Thief

On November 16, the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office recovered four stolen motorcycles and identified a suspect in a hit and run accident (*READ THAT STORY HERE*), however the suspect eluded capture until this week.  On Thursday, acting on information from Decatur County Investigators, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and the North Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force busted Sean… Read More »

Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Recovers Stolen Motorcycles

During a hit and run investigation involving a stolen motorcycle last week, the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office recovered four additional stolen bikes and identified a suspect. According to Lt. Brian Donalson, Supervisor of the Criminal Investigations Division and the Career Criminals Unit with the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, Investigator Robert Humphrey was able to use witness statements to identify… Read More »