Sowegalive Uniforms Countdown: #5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

By | August 17, 2016

In this day & age where most teams have anywhere between five to ten different uniforms to wear on any given Sunday, sometimes it can get confusing to turn on the television and figure out just what teams you are watching. The Louisville Cardinals in all black uniforms with a black chrome helmet doesn’t remind me of Johnny Unitas or Tom Jackson. The Washington Huskies in all black with gold chrome-finished helmets doesn’t take me back to the Warren Moon years. I’m not saying that new uniforms are bad but deviation from what the general public knows a team for can sometimes make things confusing. Sowegalive’s Top Ten Uniform Countdown is all about those timeless looks that transcend generations and will always look good.

#5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame - Blue Uniforms 2

There are some college football uniforms that are just too iconic to pass up and Notre Dame’s blue & gold uniforms are about as good as they come especially with the golden dome on the top.

Notre Dame - Blue Uniforms 3

The Irish haven’t changed their current uniform set in a while but for a couple years back in the late 70’s and early 80’s switched back and forth from the navy to the green.

Notre Dame - Blue Uniforms

These days Notre Dame sticks with the navy and gold for home games but does break out the old green jerseys for special occasions. And if you’ve never seen the ‘golden dome’ helmets in person, trust me they look different than any other team in college football.

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#9 – UCLA Bruins – Powder Blues
#8 – Georgia Bulldogs – Home Red Uniforms
#7 – Georgia Southern Eagles – Both Uniforms
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#5 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish – Blue & Gold Uniforms
#4 – Thursday, August 18th
#3 – Friday, August 19th
#2 – Monday, August 22nd
#1 – Tuesday, August 23rd

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